Hey guys. I’m Chad. This is my thing.

I’m currently working at Barometer, a small software startup in Minneapolis. We build ridiculously cool software that helps huge companies get a handle on their IT investment. It’s an awesome company with awesome people and an awesome app. I’m going to say awesome one more time. Awesome.

Once in a while you might catch me doing stand-up comedy in and around Minneapolis. I’m super funny and well groomed.

I also collect comic books. How turned on are you right now? Probably pretty turned on. I get that a lot.

You can email me if you want at cjuettner@gmail.com. I’m on Twitter too, so do that as well. I’m also on LinkedIn, but who the hell cares about that?

Oh yeah, a while back we went over to China to grab one of their kids and bring back to America to live with us. I wrote a thing about that on Tumbler. You can find that thing here. It was a lot of fun. We still have the kid and she’s pretty awesome.

Shaka zulu.

Chad Juettner
March 11th, 2012